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Respond to a Pre-Payment Audit Notification from HMS: Please follow the steps outlined in the letter you received from HMS. You could also use following links as a reference:

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The Third-Party Biller Denied Claims Form was created to manage inquiries for four (4) or more denied claims. Traditionally, third party billing companies generate higher call volumes. This new process has been created with the goal of reducing call volumes and hold times as well as enhance the provider customer services team’s ability to provide more efficient problem resolution. Your first and best source of information is the Optima Health Remit. If after reviewing the remit you still have more questions you may submit an inquiry to Provider Customer Service. To initiate the inquiry you may download the form from the Provider Toolkit, then:

  1. Fill out the form with the requested information regarding the four (4) or more denied claims
  2. Print the completed form
  3. Fax the form to the Provider Customer Service team at (757) 227-5110 or toll free (855) 939-7150.

Our agents will research the information and respond back to the third-party biller via fax within 72 hours. Please avoid duplicating requests through other avenues as it will cause delays. Important Note: The process for managing other call types will remain the same.

Video Tutorial

The following video is intended to help providers navigate the AIM documents.