OptimaFit® Bill Payment Options

Are you ready to make a payment online?

Pay Your Premium Online

As a registered member of optimahealth.com you can pay your monthly premium online

You will need to have a copy of your monthly billing statement to use this option. If you are not a registered user, it is easy! To register for secure access, all you need is your email address and your Member ID number. If you do not know your Member ID number, you can use the following tips to find it. Over the last couple of weeks you should have received a welcome letter in the mail, as well as an invoice. Both of these documents have your Subscriber ID number, which is a seven-digit number similar to 1234567. You may also see a Member ID that is similar to 1234567*01 or a Group ID, which will look similar to I1234567.Your Subscriber ID is the first seven digits before the * in your Member ID and it is the seven digits following I in your Group ID.

Once you have registered, simply click Pay Monthly Premium make a payment using your debit card, or your bank checking or savings account. Please note: you may pay your initial premium payment with a credit card online until January 23, 2018. If your policy year begins on a month other than January and you would like to make payment with a credit card, please call one of our representatives at 757-687-6434 or 1-888-737-5479, to assist you.

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Electronic Check Payment

You can pay telephonically with our automated attendant

You can pay telephonically with our automated attendant by calling 1-888-645-4306. You will need to have a copy of your monthly billing statement to use this option.

Follow the prompts to make a payment using the automated attendant from your bank checking or savings account. Your Group ID has the letter “I” in front of your Subscriber ID, which you can find on your member ID card. If you have your monthly bill, your Group ID is listed in the upper left hand side. Ex. I1234567 is Subscriber ID 1234567.

Auto Debit

Pay your monthly premium directly from your bank checking or savings account

With this option, payment is automatically withdrawn from your account between the 5th and 7th business day of every month.

  1. To set-up auto debit complete Auto Debit Form located in the Member Forms and Drug Lists.
  2. Return the form along with a voided check to the address or fax number listed in the instructions.

Cash Payments

Pay cash for your monthly premium through MoneyGram

There is no fee to use this service. Bring to the location a cash payment for your premium, your Optima Health group or member number, and the receive code 15084. MoneyGram has over 39,000 locations including:

  • 363 7-Eleven stores;
  • 31 ACE Cash Express stores;
  • 76 Advance America stores;
  • 269 CVS stores;
  • 16 Quick Cash stores; and
  • 113 Walmart stores

Additional locations can be found at https://www.moneygram.com/billpaylocations

Please note: MoneyGram does not accept partial premium payments.  If you need to make a partial payment, please use one of our other convenient payment options.


You may also mail your check, cashier’s check or money order to our bank lockbox

Please mail your payment to P.O. Box 791264, Baltimore, MD 21279. Please note that when mailing your payment it must be received by the last day of the month.


Make a phone payment with an Optima Health representative

Call (757) 687-6434 or (888) 737-5479 and make a phone payment with an Optima Health representative. Please note that we experience high call volumes at the end of the month and encourage you to use the options listed above to avoid long wait times.