Specialty Pharmacy Information

Specialty Medications

Specialty drugs have unique uses and are generally prescribed for people with complex or ongoing medical conditions. Specialty drugs typically require special dosing, administration, and additional education and support from a healthcare professional.

Specialty drugs include:

  • Medications that treat certain patient populations including those with rare diseases
  • Medications that require close medical and pharmacy management and monitoring
  • Medications that require special handling and/or storage
  • Medications derived from biotechnology and/or blood-derived drugs or small molecules
  • Medications that can be delivered via injection, infusion, inhalation, or oral administration

Mail order specialty drugs are only available through our specialty mail order pharmacy, Proprium Pharmacy, by calling 1-855-553-3568. Specialty drugs will be delivered to your home address from Proprium Pharmacy. If you have any questions, or need to find out if your drug is considered a specialty drug, please call Pharmacy member services at our toll-free number that is located on the back of your prescription ID card.

Pharmacies that wish to be included in the Optima Health Specialty Pharmacy Network should contact Optima Health at 757-552-7474 or 1-800-229-8822.

Limited Distribution Drugs (LDD)

Some specialty drugs are limited distribution drugs (LDD), meaning only specific pharmacies can dispense the medication. In the event that Proprium Pharmacy does not have access to fill your prescription for an LDD, they will transfer the prescription to a specialty pharmacy that can provide the medication. Proprium Pharmacy will contact you to let you know where the prescription has been transferred.

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