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Experience our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A whole new online Employee Assistance Program (EAP) experience awaits you on OptimaEAP.com

Employee Assistance Program
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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP) runs from January 1 through March 31 and gives a beneficiary the opportunity to make a change to their coverage without waiting for the next Annual Enrollment Period.

OEP Information
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Optima Community Complete (HMO D-SNP)

Optima Community Complete is a Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) that offers members a more specialized level of care for highly sensitive needs. If a member receives Medicaid and is also eligible for Medicare, a D-SNP plan may be right for him/her.

D-SNP Information
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The Optima Health Provider Network

The Optima Health provider network offers our members the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

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Spreadsheet Enrollment Process

Learn about how Optima Health has recently updated the Open Enrollment Spreadsheet used for the enrollment process.

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Introducing the Optima Health Oncology Program

Groups with effective dates January 1, 2020 and after have been included in the Optima Health Oncology Program. The program is administered by AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) on behalf of Optima Health and it applies to BusinessEDGE®, all fully insured groups and select self-funded Large Group plan members.

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