Appointments and Certifications

Important Notice:

Broker Appointment Policy: Please ensure all required documentation is complete, legible and signed. If any required information is missing, incomplete or illegible, we will work with you to resubmit the application.

Broker Appointment Changes: Email broker appointment changes to The Broker Appointment Form should be used for new appointments only.

Broker Appointment Fee: There is a $50 fee for appointment. Agency and Agent requests submitted on the same submission will only be charged one appointment fee. If an appointment is terminated, requests to become reappointed will be required to submit using the online process and the appointment fee will be charged a second time.

Appointment Requirements

Items below are required to complete the appointment application:

  1. Virginia Life and Health License or Virginia Health License (required)
  2. Agency License (if applicable)
  3. Optima Health Substitute W9 (SF-W9) Form
  4. Broker Agreement (includes Business Associate and QHP Amendments)
  5. Portal User Profile (access to secure Broker Portal)
  6. If an agent elects to sell Medicare, they will be contacted by the Medicare Sales team for training. If training is not completed, agents will not be paid on any Medicare business.
  7. We require all new agents to work with a General Agency. If you do not have a preference and do not select a General Agency, one will be assigned to you. You can view this information below.

Approved General Agencies

Note: If you do not have a preference and do not select a General Agency, one will be assigned to you.

Agency Name Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone
Blue Ridge Insurance Services Steve Flora
Cynthia Noble
(866) 904-8383
Employee Benefits Corporation of America (EBCA) Pamela J Kerr (804) 290-1127 
(866) 638-0504
First National Brokerage Corporation (FNBC) Lindsey Waters (804) 288-6263 
(800) 234-5667
Glandon Insurance Agency Terry Wilkerson (757) 422-6729
Innovative Insurance Group RJ Gibson (540) 777-0235
TFA Benefits Tamara Nelson (757) 340-3873

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