Optima Medicare HMO Plans

Our affordable Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans provide comprehensive coverage, all backed by the support of our high-quality network of experts.

With a $0 monthly premium option, low out-of-pocket maximums, and special allowances, you can enjoy better value at more predictable costs.

Optima Medicare Value (HMO)

$0 Monthly Premium

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The Optima Medicare Value plan combines Original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage with Part D prescription drug benefits, dental, vision, and more in one affordable plan.


  • Many $0 copays
  • Eyewear and hearing aids
  • Over-the-counter items allowance
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • Virtual doctor visits anytime, any day

Optima Medicare Prime (HMO)

Enhanced Coverage

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You still receive Original Medicare (Parts A & B) coverage in our Optima Medicare Prime plan, but you also get Part D prescription drug benefits and more essentials like dental, vision, and hearing.


  • $0 primary care doctor visits
  • $0 generic drugs
  • Over-the-counter and eyewear allowances
  • Greater fitness reimbursement
  • Virtual appointments 24/7, including holidays

Optima Medicare Classic (HMO)

Medical Without Prescription Drug Coverage

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When you already have prescription drug coverage, but want more out of your medical than Original Medicare. Only available in the Hampton Roads area.


  • $0 monthly premium
  • Eyewear allowance
  • Over-the-counter items allowance
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • No cost transportation

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