New Training Opportunities and Small Group News

New to working with Optima Health? Need a refresher? Optima Health is excited to offer multiple Q&A opportunities to equip you to be successful. These sessions will include an overview of the Broker portal and eBroker, our employer quoting tool.

Broker Portal & eBroker, Employer Quoting Q&A Sessions

Visit the Broker page on the Optima Health website to find out more about these sessions and how to participate.

Small Group Plans, Big Benefits!

On September 7, 2022 we launched a campaign that highlights our Small Group plans with market outreach to groups with 1-50 total members. Our Small Group plans are designed to allow employers to offer competitive benefits while staying within their budget.

Please check out our Broker resource page, to learn more about the plans and stay up to date on new resources and videos.