Breaking News! 2023 Commissions and Bonuses

We are excited to announce the 2023 commission schedule. This competitive compensation is designed to enhance broker earnings in addition to our broker rewards program and bonuses. We appreciate your loyalty and will continue to adapt and improve the broker experience.

2023 Small Group & Mid-Market Commission

# Enrolled New Sale PCPM Renewal PCPM
1-3 $31.00 $21.00
4-14 $41.00 $31.00
15-50 $34.00 $28.00
51-150 $27.00 $21.00

2023 Individual & Family Plans Commission

PMPM - Members with Optima Health Premiums

New Business and Renewal Bonuses

We value our members, and we want to keep them! To show you how important that is to us we are offering both new business and renewal bonuses.

Individual and Family Plans

During Open Enrollment 2023 (November 1, 2022-January 15, 2023), you can earn a one-time $200 bonus for each NEW member enrolled and $100 for each renewal in one of our OptimaFit® Individual & Family Plans, with no maximum family size or minimum membership requirement.

To qualify for the bonus the member must still be enrolled at the start of the next quarter. The bonus will be paid out at the end of first quarter.

Want to Earn Too? Sell New and Renew!

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