Hearing Care and Hearing Aid Discount Program

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  • What is EPIC HSP?

    EPIC HSP is a program that helps with those hearing-related services and treatments not currently covered under major medical health plans, Medicaid (for ages 21 and older) or Medicare. The EPIC HSP is a voluntary plan offered to you and your extended family to coordinate access and reduce costs to quality hearing care professionals throughout the nation.

  • Does EPIC HSP replace the previous hearing discount program offered by Optima Health?

    Yes. The new program provides coordinated care, fixed and reduced costs and provides a broader network to those hearing related-services and treatments not currently covered under your medical plan, Medicare or Medicaid (ages 21 and over). The program covers you and your extended family (spouse, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and friends).

  • How do I access EPIC HSP?

    Call EPIC at 1-866-956-5400 or visit www.epichearing.com. EPIC HSP is voluntary and available to all members and their extended families who are not covered under a hearing rider.

  • When can I access the EPIC HSP?

    EPIC HSP does not replace any other medical benefit or hearing coverage you may have. EPIC HSP should only be used if you have no hearing coverage, including through a medical rider, or have exhausted your plan hearing benefit.

  • Can I use my medical benefit and still access the EPIC HSP?

    Yes, once your medical benefit has been exhausted, you may access the EPIC HSP. Be sure when using your medical benefit to use a participating provider in your defined network to ensure proper payment of your claims and reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Can I access EPIC HSP if I have Medicare?

    Yes. Medicare does not cover hearing-related services and treatments, but does approve specific providers to furnish the services. EPIC Hearing Healthcare and its network providers are Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved.

  • Can I access EPIC HSP if I have Medicaid?

    Yes, however you must be age 21 or older. Your hearing services and devices are covered through Medicaid if you are under age 21 and therefore EPIC HSP is not needed.

  • I had a hearing test before contacting EPIC. Do I have to be re-tested by an EPIC provider?

    No, if your hearing exam was comprehensive and provides the information an EPIC provider would need to properly continue your course of treatment; another test will not be administered. If additional information is required, the EPIC provider will follow-up with your previous provider.

  • Do I need an ID card?

    No, you do not need to present an ID card. You should notify your hearing provider that you participate in EPIC’s HSP. Your provider will verify your coverage.