Cary Street Veterinary Hospital
Cary Street Veterinary Hospital, Richmond
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“We Choose Optima Health Because…
we go above and beyond for our customers, and we feel that's what we're receiving with our healthcare.”

Kimberly Kuhn, Veterinarian, Cary Street Veterinary Hospital

The Cary Street Veterinary Hospital has served the Richmond area under its current leadership since 1998. With a heart for care and a mind for medicine, Cary Street Veterinary Hospital wanted to be sure that their employees would receive that same level of appreciation and attention they work to provide everyday. Optima Health satisfied not only the outstanding benefits that made the most sense, it was all provided with exceptonal service.

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About Cary Street Veterinary Hospital

Cary Street Veterinary Hospital (CSVH) is a full service, AAHA certified animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care. They strive to provide welcoming, informative, and supportive services to clients, while maintaining a top quality working environment for employees. CSVH offers the Richmond animal community medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care, as well as canine rehabilitation and acupuncture. To learn more, visit

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Optima Health stays on the forefront of innovation with our commitments to a collaborative approach, accountability for performance, and dedication to excellence.

Optima Health offers a robust suite of solutions for businesses, including a broad spectrum of innovative products and service solutions designed for employers, employees, and their families. Progressive plan designs encourage greater member participation in healthcare decisions and can reduce administrative costs while improving service quality.

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