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Medicaid In NC

Medicaid is transforming in North Carolina

In 2019, the current fee-for-service model in North Carolina moves to a Managed Care approach. Provider Led Entities (PLEs) are being formed to help manage the care of beneficiaries within this new model.

Optima Family Care of North Carolina, part of the Sentara Healthcare family, has submitted a license application to the North Carolina Department of Insurance and plans to locally operate a Provider Led Entity.

Sentara Healthcare is a nationally respected Managed Care Organization with more than 127 years’ experience operating hospitals and provider groups.

A Proven Model

A proven model of Medicaid care delivery

Optima Health, in collaboration with local providers, is a leader of Medicaid Managed Care efforts in Virginia.

Since 1997, Optima Health has served Virginia’s Medicaid recipients. Currently, we are providing services to 185,000 members in Virginia.

How We Work

Optima Family Care of North Carolina

Will partner with local providers to remove barriers and expand access to medical care in North Carolina, including implementing preventive programs created specifically for rural populations.

Will create an advisory committee, made up of local providers, to ensure providers have an opportunity to share their vision for the PLE and its outcome for beneficiaries.

Will be operated locally, and with guidance from North Carolina Medicaid providers and advisory members, to determine how Medicaid dollars are spent in the state.

Our Results

Transforming care in North Carolina at our Sentara Albemarle Medical Center since 2014

Patient care improvements

Launched Meds to Beds bedside medication delivery in partnership with Todd’s Pharmacy

Improved patient satisfaction in hospital departments and emergency department to meet community expectations

Hired a patient navigator to assist orthopedic and oncology patients

Decreased rate of patient readmission by providing the right care, at the right time, and in the right place

New Healthcare providers hired in 2016 for local patients

General Surgeons
General Surgery PA
Ortopedic Surgeons
Critical Care Intensivist
Primary Care Providers
Urgent Care Providers

Our rural Initiatives

Low-dose CT lung screenings to help detect lung cancer earlier

Sentara Living health education series for those 50 and older

Tele-stroke program to provide care to stroke patients faster

Decreased wait from a mammogram to biopsy

$30 million in local charity care

Partner With Optima Health

It’s easy to partner with Optima Family Care of North Carolina

Our Provider Connection portal is a self-service, online provider tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that offers:
  • Drug formularies and pharmacy authorization forms
  • Medical authorization forms
  • Easy enrollment for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Provider manuals
  • Provider newsletter and important updates
  • Verification of member eligibility and benefits
  • PCP membership reports
  • Submission and review of authorization requests
  • Claim status checks
  • Reconsideration submissions
  • Payment remittance advice
  • C3 (Clear Claims Connection) access
Our Provider Network education and support offers:
Field Network Educators
A direct resource for education, assistance, trouble shooting, and individualized one-on-one support.
Provider Relations Contact Center
Access to a team of Provider Relations representatives to address claims, authorizations, and member eligibility questions/concerns.


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Contract requirements and rates will be provided at a later date when NCDHHS releases this information.

Signing does not obligate the provider to contract with Optima Family Care of North Carolina.

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