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Virginia Diner, Wakefield
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“We Choose Optima Health Because…
we love the idea that we're working with another Virginia company.”

Scott Stephens, Director of Sales & Marketing, Virginia Diner

Virginia Diner has been in business since 1929, bringing delicious food and great customer service to the table for years. When the Virginia Diner needed coverage for their employees, as a local staple, they wanted someone local to represent their health needs as well. Optima Health offered the benefits that were best for their employees, all the while being closeby to make the transition easy.

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About Virginia Diner

The Virginia Diner has been a refuge for folks who like down home-cooking ever since Mrs. D’Earcy Davis served hot biscuits and vegetable soup to hungry customers in 1929. In those days the little Diner was a refurbished Sussex, Surry, and Southampton Railroad car. Today the Virginia Diner has been replicated and the old railroad car has become a legend, but its quaint atmosphere has been faithfully preserved and is still reflected throughout the restaurant. Traditional southern hospitality and efficient service blend with an atmosphere of red and white tablecloths, bentwood chairs and antique cast iron toys. To learn more, visit

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Optima Health offers a robust suite of solutions for businesses, including a broad spectrum of innovative products and service solutions designed for employers, employees, and their families. Progressive plan designs encourage greater member participation in healthcare decisions and can reduce administrative costs while improving service quality.

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