Dixie Gas & Oil
Dixie Gas & Oil, Western and Central Virginia
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“We Choose Optima Health Because…
they made open enrollment easy.”

Teresa Ervin, Vice President of Administration, Dixie Gas & Oil

Delivering fuel since 1956, Dixie Gas & Oil is a family owned business, recently expanding to 55 employees in 16 counties. When they were ready to change providers, Optima Health made open enrollment easy, and that made the difference.

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About Dixie Gas & Oil

Dixie Gas & Oil provides reliable gas and oil services and products with excellent customer care. They're committed to their community, as their customers are also their neighbors. Dixie Gas & Oil has been delivering fuel since 1946. In their 70 years in the business, they aim to provide consistent, reliable delivery and customer service for our propane gas, heating oils, motor fuels, and lubricant products. To learn more, visit www.dixiegas.com.

Photos: Dixie Gas & Oil

About Optima Health

Optima Health stays on the forefront of innovation with our commitments to a collaborative approach, accountability for performance, and dedication to excellence.

Optima Health offers a robust suite of solutions for businesses, including a broad spectrum of innovative products and service solutions designed for employers, employees, and their families. Progressive plan designs encourage greater member participation in healthcare decisions and can reduce administrative costs while improving service quality.

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