Quarterly Provider Webinars - August 2019

Join our network educators for our upcoming quarterly webinar series. You will learn what’s new at Optima Health, receive refreshers on how to successfully do business with us and have your questions answered, all from the convenience of your office.

providerNEWS 1st Quarter 2019

Featuring Optima Health and Riverside In-Network Agreement, Medallion 4.0 (Medicaid) Open Enrollment, Medicaid Expansion, New Medicaid Health Care Coverage for Adults, and 2019 Select and Direct Plans.

Quarterly Provider Webinars

Attend a webinar hosted by our network educators who are knowledgeable about the needs and interests of our providers. Our hosts will share updates and answer your questions. Pre-registration is required.

providerNEWS Fall 2018

Featuring FIT Kits for Colorectal Screening, New Virginia Law - HB 139 Reminder - Complete Your Cultural Competency Training, 2018 Provider Surveys, Optima EAP Reimbursement Reminder, and more.

providerNEWS Summer 2018

Featuring Medallion 4.0, Optima Community Complete (HMO SNP), Reminder - Complete Your Cultural Competency Training, Credentialing Application Questions, Clear Claim Connection (C3) Upgrade, and more.

providerNEWS Spring 2018

Featuring Colorectal Cancer Screening Program - BioIQ FIT Kit, Optima Community Complete (HMO SNP) and Medallion 4.0.

providerNEWS 4th Quarter 2017

Optima Health President and CEO Michael Dudley to Retire December 2017