Supplemental Resources

This page contains supplemental resources to help you provide the best possible care to Optima Health members.

Resources for Post-Discharge and Transitions of Care

Transitioning from one care setting to another comes with risks for mishaps such as worsening of health conditions, readmissions, and increased costs.

The Provider Quick Reference Guide lists resources and services available to Optima Medicare members. This resource will be especially useful to Case Managers and Discharge Planners as a handy desk reference.

Please also feel free to print and share these materials with Optima Medicare members to help them achieve successful transitions and improve outcomes.

Sentara Facilities

Non-Sentara Facilities

Optima Health FIT Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening

The free Optima Health FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Test) campaign occurs year–round with an annual push of over 30,000 kits every summer.

Please familiarize yourself with the campaign flyer. Feel free to print and share with eligible Optima Health members. You may also review the sample results letter that we mail to providers.

For more information, contact the population care team at

HEDIS® Measures for Measurement Years (MY) 2020 and 2021

Use this quick and easy reference as a guide to improve Optima Health members’ quality of care. This guide includes specific gap closure tips and reminders such as:

  • Encouraging your patients to schedule preventive exams
  • Reminding your patients to follow up with ordered tests and procedures
  • Making sure necessary services are being performed in a timely manner
  • Submitting claims with proper HEDIS® codes
  • Accurately documenting all services and results (if appropriate) in the patient’s medical record

Access HEDIS measures