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BetterDoctor is our accuracy solution partner. Please review the documents below for answers to common questions, troubleshooting solutions and outreach communication samples.

Trauma Informed Care Training

Learn how to engage people with histories of trauma and recognize the presence of trauma symptoms.

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Virginia Medicaid Expansion: What You Need to Know About Optima Health Medicaid XP

Beginning January 1, 2019, more Virginia adults will have access to health insurance than ever before. New eligibility rules allow up to 400,000 additional Virginians to have health coverage through Medicaid.

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Cultural Competency Training

Being equipped to accommodate the needs of an increasingly diverse population is a growing concern in the healthcare community. Cultural competence and effective communication are the keys to understanding a patient’s concerns and helping to ensure they understand their healthcare plan. Please complete one or both of the following Cultural Competency courses:

Once training is completed, please fill out and submit the Cultural Competency Acknowledgement form below. Your provider profile in the Optima Health provider directory will be updated to reflect that you have participated in training for Cultural Competency.

Optima Health Provider Acknowledgement for Cultural Competency

Optima Health Community Care and Optima Community Complete (HMO D-SNP)

Are you a participating Optima Health Community Care or Optima Community Complete provider? Please complete the courses below to learn about doing business with Optima Health Community Care, CCC Plus and Optima Community Complete.

Optima Health Select and Direct Network Plans

Have some questions about our Select and Direct Network plans? We have conveniently compiled some frequently asked questions for your information.


Do you need more information to help coordinate transportation services for your patients? A short Transportation Benefit training has been prepared to guide you.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Learn more about fraud, waste & abuse, including its definition, examples, prevention as well as your responsibilities as a provider with our educational presentation.  Here are the highlights:

  • Define fraud, waste and abuse
  • Discuss examples of fraud, waste and abuse
  • Recall which laws regulate fraud, waste and abuse
  • Describe preventive steps that have been taken
  • Recall how to report suspected fraud, waste and abuse
  • Distinguish both the provider’s and health plan’s responsibilities in fraud, waste and abuse prevention

Learn more about Optima Health's fraud, waste and abuse policies:

Helpful Tools

  • Critical Incident Report Form - Complete this form to report a critical incident.
    Download Form
  • Inogen Patient Referral Form - Complete this form for patients requesting an oxygen concentrator.
    Download Form
  • Claims Project Request Spreadsheet - Download the template if researching 10 or more claims and complete as many fields as possible. Email the completed spreadsheet to your network educator.
    Download Template
  • Provider Update Form - Complete this form to update your provider information and submit to your network educator.
    Download Form
  • Member ID Card Examples - View or download sample member ID cards for Optima Health plans.
    Download Core Examples | Download COVA Example