Provider Education

Cultural Competency Training

Being equipped to accommodate the needs of an increasingly diverse population is a growing concern in the healthcare community. Cultural competence and effective communication are the keys to understanding a patient’s concerns and helping to ensure they understand their healthcare plan. Please complete one or both of the following Cultural Competency courses:

Once training is completed, please fill out and submit the Cultural Competency Acknowledgement form below. Your provider profile in the Optima Health provider directory will be updated to reflect that you have participated in training for Cultural Competency.

Optima Health Provider Acknowledgement for Cultural Competency

Optima Health Community Care and Optima Community Complete (HMO SNP)

Are you a participating Optima Health Community Care or Optima Community Complete provider? Please complete the courses below to learn about doing business with Optima Health Community Care, CCC Plus and Optima Community Complete.

Optima Health Select and Direct Network Plans

Have some questions about our Select and Direct Network plans? We have conveniently compiled some frequently asked questions for your information.