Optima Medicare presents another great way to save money!

Each month Medicare beneficiaries have a Part B premium taken out of their Social Security (SSA) check. The Part B Giveback, Optima Medicare Savings, reduces that premium by $55.

  • $0 monthly premium
  • Our Savings plan covers more than Original Medicare and includes many extras, such as an over-the-counter allowance, SilverSneakers®, hearing, vision, and more.
  • Comprehensive formulary with prescription drug coverage that includes 30- to 90-day supplies and home delivery options.

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Plan Benefits

You will receive all-in-one coverage with access to more than 35,000 providers and healthcare facilities, plus benefits including:

  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Dental, Hearing, and Vision
  • Over-the-Counter Products
  • SilverSneakers®
  • Medical Transportation
  • Virtual Visits

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Are you new to Medicare?

Please take a moment to watch this video about Original Medicare – Part A and Part B, Medicare Advantage Plans – Part C, and prescription drug coverage – Part D. This video explains the transition to a Medicare health insurance plan, services you will receive, and what eligibility requirements qualify you for coverage.

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You are not alone on the Medicare journey. Our Licensed Plan Advisors can explain how the enrollment process works, the requirements to qualify, and discuss your options with Optima Medicare.

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