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The Optima Community Complete (HMO D-SNP) network of Sentara Medical Group and EVMS Medical Group offers board-certified physicians and an extended care team consisting of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You’ll also have access to a diverse range of specialty care providers throughout the area. This physician-led team is dedicated to developing a personal relationship with each and every patient.

Find an Optima Community Complete network doctor using our convenient online doctor search tool. You can also review our Provider Directories.

Optima Community Complete members have access to an extensive network of hospitals with nationally recognized clinical programs, up-to-date preventive care and safety protocols, plus the latest medical procedures and technologies

Our Provider and Pharmacy* Directory includes information on:

  • Retail chain pharmacies
  • Our mail order pharmacy vendor, OptumRx
  • Other pharmacies (independent retail, long-term care, and home infusion pharmacies)

More information about our provider and pharmacy networks can be found on our member website.

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* The inclusion of a pharmacy in the directory does not guarantee that the pharmacy is open or is at the same location as listed in the directory. Listing does not guarantee participation in the network. All network pharmacies may not be listed in the directory.

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