One Member at a Time

When you are an Optima Health member, you have a team dedicated to your medical care and well-being. Your doctors, Optima Health medical support team, and Care Coordinator work together to address your healthcare needs. We can also help connect you with healthy food, safe housing, job resources, and other assistance.

Get to know more about how Optima Health makes a difference to our members and the community we serve.

One member at a time Jacqueline

A Little Extra Love Goes a Long Way

Making sure you are okay matters to us. Jacqueline, an Optima Health member, recently praised the care she received from our team after a sudden emergency room visit. At 16 weeks pregnant, Jacqueline had just become unemployed, but kept hope that she and her unborn baby would be in good hands with her Medicaid health insurance.

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Health Care for the First Time in 15 Years

Andrea, 33, had lived without health insurance since she was 18 years old. She worked at least one, sometimes two, full-time jobs, but none had offered health insurance. Since she was a child, she suffered from respiratory issues which left her sick four to five months of every year.

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New Housing Offers More Freedom and Fewer Health Problems

Angela credits the teamwork of her Care Coordinator, Transitional Care Coordinator, and Housing Specialist for giving her new independence and better health. They worked together to move her out of a long-term nursing care facility and into her own apartment.

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