Optima Health Medicaid XP

Optima Health Medicaid XP is for Virginians who are parents, adults without children, or people with disabilities and who are aged between 19-64.

If you haven't qualified for Medicaid before, you may qualify now.

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Optima Family Care

Optima Family Care is here for you and your family, with an extensive array of benefits that help keep you healthy and well.

Make the most of your Medicaid benefits by taking advantage of our quality health care and extensive network of doctors and specialists as an Optima Health Medicaid XP eligible member.

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Optima Health Community Care

Optima Health Community Care is a Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus) Medicaid plan for many older people and those with disabilities.

Members benefit from an individualized, fully-integrated program with a state-wide network of providers. We provide a care team just for you with support in your community you can count on.

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