Added Benefits for Medicaid

We provide our members with access to extra benefits and services not generally covered through Medicaid. These are known as “added benefits.” We provide the following added benefits.

2023 – Added Benefits January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

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  • Adult Vision – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members age 21 and up get one eye exam and $100 for frames each year. Must use an in-network provider.

    Contact: 1-844-453-3378 (TTY: 711) or online.

  • Baby Showers – 2023 Added Benefit

    Pregnant members are invited to the Optima Health baby showers. Have fun while experts share ways to stay healthy and get connected to free local resources.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Cell Phones – 2023 Added Benefit

    Approved member households can get a free smartphone. The plan includes:

    • a free smartphone with unlimited texts, 350 minutes, and free calls to Optima Health
    • free unlimited wireless, texts, minutes, and hotspot (one per household)

    Contact: Assurance Wireless at 1-888-321-5880 or online

  • College Application Assistance – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members who qualify can get up to $75 toward applying for college. Sponsored by Optima Health Read, Learn, Grow.

    View the program details.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Diabetes Prevention – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members most at risk for developing diabetes are invited into a special program. It features health coaching and a weight management program. Watch this video to see how the program works. Not a FAMIS or managed long term services and supports added benefit.

    Contact: Member Services at 1-800-881-2166 (TTY: 711) to be connected with Health and Prevention. 

  • Diapers – 2023 Added Benefit

    New in 2023 – Members receive 400 free diapers per live birth. To qualify, members must complete their prenatal and postpartum visits. All diapers are shipped at one time to the member’s home.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Feminine Hygiene – 2023 Added Benefit

    New in 2023 – Members may order up to $20 in feminine hygiene products each quarter. Products include tampons, sanitary pads, feminine wipes, and period panties. Unused dollars will roll over to the next quarter, but all will expire on December 31, 2023.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Financial Wellness Program – 2023 Added Benefit

    Optima Health wants to help make managing your money easier by offering a financial wellness program. Members have free access to:

    • personalized financial assessment
    • recommended steps to achieve your financial goals
    • tools to help you create a budget
    • budget calculators
    • spend trackers
    • courses to help you make financial decisions
    • one-on-one financial coaching to help you plan
    • savings accounts to help you establish a financial safety net

    Contact: Outreach or call 1-800-869-6240 (TTY: 711) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • GED Coaching and Testing – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members can get help earning their GED. They may receive up to $275 for the GED testing voucher and an online prep program. Sponsored by Optima Health Read, Learn, Grow.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Health Literacy Program: The HEAL Program® – 2023 Added Benefit

    The HEAL Program is a series of classes focusing on healthy living. Topics include:

      • healthy eating
      • what to expect during doctor visits
      • medicine label details
      • when to go to urgent care instead of the hospital

    Watch this video to see how the HEAL Program helps improve health.

    Learn more about the HEAL Program.

    Sponsored by Optima Health Read, Learn, Grow.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Healthy Member Incentives – 2023 Added Benefit

    Pregnant members, children and adolescents earn up to $50 in rewards for seeing the doctor. Diabetic members and members under foster care can also earn incentives for certain exams. Learn how to earn rewards.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Healthy Savings Program – 2023 Added Benefit

    The Healthy Savings Program offers discounts on healthy food, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and products, baby items, and cleaning supplies. The card or the app can be used at certain grocery stores.

    Learn more about Healthy Savings.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Home Delivered Meals – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members who return home from the hospital can get up to two meals a day for up to seven days (up to 14 meals total). This includes returning home after having a baby or moving from a nursing home to the community.

    Contact: Care Coordinator

  • Incontinence Products – 2023 Added Benefit

    New in 2023 – Incontinence is the loss of bladder control. Members qualify if they have this issue from a chronic physical or mental condition, including cerebral palsy and developmental delay. Children at any age who would not normally experience this issue also qualify. The member’s care coordinator must confirm eligibility before the member may order products.

    Once confirmed, the member may purchase up to $30 in products. Unused amounts will roll over. Any dollars not spent by December 31, 2023 will expire.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Mattress Cover and Pillowcase – 2023 Added Benefit

    New in 2023 – Members with asthma qualify for a free mattress pad or cover and a pillowcase every two years.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Memory Alarms and Devices – 2023 Added Benefit

    Managed care members with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can get certain home security devices. The devices may include door and window alarms, chimes, bed alarms, and monitors.

    Contact: Care Coordinator

  • Mobile App – 2023 Added Benefit – 2023 Added Benefit

    The Optima Health mobile app is free for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. It provides quick access to plan and benefit information, ID cards, forms, and more. View Mobile App Details.

    Contact: Member Services

  • Online Member Portal – 2023 Added Benefit

    All members have access to an online account. It is a secure way to access your ID card, plan details, or connect with a virtual appointment. View Member Portal Sign In.

    Contact: Member Services

  • Online Resource Guide – 2023 Added Benefit

    Our online resource guide is a search tool to find food, housing, jobs, and more. View the Online Resource Guide.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Partners in Pregnancy – 2023 Added Benefit

    The Partners in Pregnancy program supports members during pregnancy and after giving birth. It includes:

      • help scheduling doctor visits and other services
      • free breast pump
      • free breastfeeding classes
      • voucher for Parenting Magazine

    Learn more about Partners in Pregnancy.

    Contact: Partners in Pregnancy

  • Pedometer – 2023 Added Benefit

    Walk your way to wellness. Track your steps with a free pedometer. Members must be at least five years old to qualify.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Reading Program for Children – 2023 Added Benefit

    Optima Health partners with Rainbow Puppets Productions to help bring the joy of reading to life. Each child who attends a show goes home with a free book. Sponsored by Optima Health Read, Learn, Grow.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Sports Physicals – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members can get a special exam to check if they are ready to play certain sports. The exam is free.

    Contact: Outreach

  • Telehealth Services – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members can have a doctor’s or therapist visit from anywhere when they use our telehealth service. Telehealth means you meet with the doctor online or over the phone, instead of going to an office. It is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. There is no cost to members. Telehealth visits are good for non-life threatening health questions, prescription needs, and mental health concerns.

    Contact: Call 1-888-469-9198, sign in to the member portal, or use the Optima Health mobile app.

  • Transportation: Non-Medical – 2023 Added Benefit

    Members can get rides to places like community events, grocery stores, and more. 24 round trips per year.

    Contact: 1-877-892-3986 (TTY: 711)

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