Enhanced Subsidies Now Available Through 2025
Have a qualifying life event and need insurance? You may be eligible for a larger subsidy amount or be newly eligible if you didn’t qualify before. Losing your Medicaid Coverage? You may be able to get financial help to lower the cost of private health insurance.

We can help! Talk to one of our OptimaFit® Personal Plan Advisors at 1-800-741-4825 to learn more.

Value-Added Benefits and Services Beyond Comprehensive Care

We are committed to our mission: to improve health every day, so we’re always innovating to add value to the products we provide.

Discounts and Savings

Optima Health provides extra discounts and savings for products and services to help you get—and stay—healthy.

Young adult at a gym

Health and Fitness Center Discounts

Premier fitness, weight loss, and wellness brands at discounted pricing.

Optima Health members have access to premier fitness, weight loss, and wellness brands at discounted pricing with Gym Network 360 from GlobalFit. You must sign in to access the shopping platform to browse for services and activate your discount.

Access your discounts with Gym Network 360
A sick woman calling the nurse advice line from bed.

Complementary Alternative Treatments

Save more on complementary alternative treatments.

Members have access to discounts on complementary alternative treatments including acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy and more.

Learn more about all of the "Saving More" Complementary Alternative Treatment programs

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Hearing Extras

Reduced pricing for hearing care services, and hearing aids.

Members are eligible for the Hearing Service Program. This program offers coordinated care, reduced costs and a broad provider network.

Learn more about the Saving More Hearing Care programs
A young woman receiving a vision test

Vision Extras

Discounts on vision extras.

Get savings on routine eye exams, lenses and frames, contact lenses, and laser vision surgery.

Learn more about the "Saving More" Vision Care programs

Quality Healthcare. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • 24/7 Nurse Advice Line - When illnesses or injuries occur after hours or when the physician’s office is closed, Optima Health plan members have the 24/7 Nurse Advice Line.
  • Emergency Travel Assistance - With global emergency services, members can count on health coverage and access to on-call providers whenever they travel more than 100 miles away from home.
  • On-Demand Virtual Care - Members can securely connect with a board-certified physician over the phone, online, or through video chat. Providers are available 24/7 to diagnose and treat a variety of non-emergency medical conditions and behavioral health concerns. This is a separate benefit from telemedicine visits scheduled with a member’s provider.

Health and Wellness Programs

Free programs and online tools to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

A mother and daughter doing tai chi

Exercise Programs

The MoveAbout program provided by Optima Health is designed to assist you in your journey to become more active and stay healthy. 

View Exercise Programs
a woman consoling another woman in a therapy session

Mental Health Resources

There are many resources to strengthen your emotional wellbeing. Learn how to manage depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

View Mental Health Resources
a table full of colorful fruits and vegitables

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Program

Eating for Life is a program designed by a registered dietitian nutritionist that gives you the knowledge and skills to eat the right amount and right variety of foods to promote good health. 

View Healthy Eating Program
a man with a nicotine patch on his arm

Tobacco Cessation Program

Optima Health designed a free tobacco cessation program called “Get Off Your Butt: Stay Smokeless for Life”. It is a self-paced program created to help tobacco and electronic cigarette users quit.

View Tobacco Cessation Program
a woman stretching on a yoga mat

Yoga and Meditation Programs

Meditation has many health benefits. These guided meditations will help you reduce stress, increase your calm, mindfulness and focus, and helps promote your general physical and emotional well-being.

View Yoga and Meditation Programs

Important Points to Remember

  • The savings brought to you as part of the Optima Health Member Discount Program do not affect your premiums and are not covered benefits of your plan.
  • Discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other discount, rider, or benefit.
  • You will be responsible for applicable taxes.