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Health insurance coverage for individuals and families just got more rewarding with OptimaFit® health plans from Optima Health. OptimaFit plans combine great health insurance coverage and a wide variety of deductible and copay options.

Benefit Comparison Grids

Health Insurance Plans - Off Marketplace

Health Insurance Plans - On Marketplace

OptimaFit health insurance plans feature:

  • All ten of the Essential Health Benefit Categories required by the Affordable Care Act.
  • A wide range of deductibles and copayments offered in Gold, Silver and Bronze level plans.
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze plans offered on the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).
  • Generous discounts on health and wellness services.*
  • Comprehensive Health Management Programs.
  • Emergency Travel Assistance (domestic and international).*
  • Preventive services covered at 100% if received from a health plan provider (office copays may apply).
  • 24-hour access to online or phone consultations with board-certified physicians through MDLIVE.
  • View the OptimaFit Individual and Family Plans Drug Formularies

* Value-added services; not a covered benefit

What are health insurance metallic tiers?

Metallic Tiers: Health insurance plans will be grouped by metallic tiers to make it easier for you to compare plans based on their prices and the coverage they offer. These tiers are: Platinum*, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each plan in every metal level must cover the same set of 10 essential health benefit categories required by the Affordable Care Act. All plans will cover the same benefit categories such as dental, vision, hospitalization, and outpatient surgeries. The difference between plans is the out-of-pocket costs you pay and the premium.

Health Insurance Marketplace: This online marketplace allows individuals to shop and compare plans and determine if they are eligible for tax credits (financial assistance) to help pay for their health insurance plans. Optima Health offers a variety of health insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace. You can shop for them online, alongside our other health insurance plan offerings, by selecting Get A Quote.

Gold Silver Bronze
Monthly Premium $$$ $$ $
For Expense Planning Higher premium, lower out-of-pocket costs Mid-range premiums, moderate out-of-pocket costs Lower premiums, higher out-of-pocket costs
Good If... You plan to visit the doctor often. You need to balance monthly premium costs with out-of-pocket costs. You don’t plan to use a lot of health care services.

* Optima Health will not offer a platinum plan on or off the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Optima Health is the trade name of Optima Health Insurance Company, Optima Health Plan and Sentara Health Plans, Inc. All Optima plans have benefit exclusions and limitations and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. OptimaFit® rewards programs are administered by Sentara Health Plans, Inc. and are not covered benefits under any Optima Health medical plan. For costs and complete details of coverage please go to or call 1-866-262-1306.