Optima Health and You: Working Together to Contain Costs

Why You Should Consider Health Incentive Programs (HIP)

Encouraging healthy behavior is one of the best ways to reduce health care costs, increase productivity, and improve health. How do you convince employees to get started? How do you keep them motivated to sustain change? One word: incentives.

As part of our large group health insurance plans, we offer a Health Incentive Program that allows members at all health levels to earn rewards for participating in healthy activities. As an employer, you have the flexibility to select incentive amounts for a variety of activities. Members can access health coaches by phone or online to help set goals, get started, and stay on track to achieve long-term health improvement goals.

Our Wellness & Prevention Programs include prevention tips and stress reduction, to weight management and smoking programs, and much more.

How Self-funding Options Could Keep Costs Down

As a large-group employer, you may want to take advantage of a self-funding option. With our administration and health improvement services, we can help you reduce costs. We pay claims accurately and offer superior network access and discounts. Self-funding with Optima Health provides another avenue for employers to exercise control over plan design while minimizing costs and risks.

Here are some of the details about self-funded large group health insurance plans:

  • Available in most markets for groups with more than 100 enrolled employees for two years or more
  • Administrative fees are all inclusive and can include annual on-site health screenings, health coaching, MDLive virtual office visits, Emergency Travel Assistance, HSA/HRA/Health incentive administration, and more
  • Specific and aggregate stop-loss protection
  • Option to retain fiduciary responsibility or shift it to Optima Health

We Understand the Unique Concerns of Municipalities and Public School Systems

The financial outlook for municipalities is uncertain during these challenging economic times. Optima Health has decades of experience with the unique needs of municipalities and public school systems. We listen closely and bring customizable solutions that address specific concerns. We supply the power of information to help you and your employees make more informed decisions, which can improve your employees’ health and well-being and assist you in containing costs.