Optima BusinessEDGE

An affordable alternative in employee health benefits – Optima BusinessEDGE® can be a great option for qualifying small and mid-sized groups. BusinessEDGE® plans have a fixed monthly payment while still offering protection from high claims

  • For groups with 10-150 enrolled employees
  • The employer pays a fixed monthly fee per enrolled employee that includes monthly estimated claims, a stop loss premium for protection from high claims and an administrative fee
  • Optima Health processes claims issues ID cards, provide customer service and sets up the provider network
  • Stop-loss insurance limits the risk of excessive medical claims
  • If claims are lower than expected, the employer may receive a refund
  • Administrative fees are all inclusive and can include annual on-site health screenings, MDLIVE virtual office visits, Emergency Travel Assistance, HSA and HRA administration, and more.

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