Who is eligible for Optima Health Community Care?

You are eligible for Optima Health Community Care when you have full Medicaid benefits, and meet one of the following conditions:

  • You are age 65 and older,
  • You are an adult or child with a disability,
  • You reside in a nursing facility,
  • You receive services through the CCC Plus home and community based services waiver [formerly referred to as the Technology Assisted and Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction (EDCD) Waivers],
  • You receive services through any of the three waivers serving people with developmental disabilities (Building Independence, Family & Individual Supports, and Community Living Waivers), also known as the DD Waivers.

How can you become a member of Optima Health Community Care?

When you receive your initial health plan assignment in the mail, you may choose to stay with the health plan to which you were assigned, or you may switch to one of the other five, DMAS-approved options.

You can change your health plan during the first 90 days of your CCC Plus program enrollment for any reason. You can also change your health plan once a year during open enrollment for any reason. Open enrollment occurs each year between October and December with a January 1st coverage begin date.

We encourage you to choose Optima Health Community Care. To learn more, call toll-free 1-888-512-3171.

To enroll, and for assistance with choosing the health plan that is best for you, call the CCC Plus Helpline at 1-844-374-9159 or TDD 1-800-817-6608, or visit cccplusva.com .