Association Plans

Give Your Members More

Optima Health goes above and beyond to provide your members with quality healthcare.

With Optima Health, Association members can enjoy enhanced benefits at no additional cost.

If you're looking for a way to provide your members with quality healthcare, we go above and beyond.

Value-added* benefits are available to all groups with 51-99 employees.**

The Association is eligible to receive a monthly marketing fee.

The Association program is an additional reason for potential members to join and maintain membership in the Association.

With our Optima Health Association Program, your members will receive a variety of value-added benefits.* Our goal is for them to stay satisfied, so they'll stay loyal to you.

For specific plan details, contact (757) 552-8363

* Value-added refers to an enhanced benefit design compared to non-Association group plans. Only members of one of Optima Health's participating Associations are eligible for Value-Added Products.

** Groups in the Association program are individually underwritten.