Frequently Asked Questions About Healthy Savings® Member Incentives


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  • What is Healthy Savings?

    With Healthy Savings, participants have access to savings on pre-qualified healthier foods from hundreds of brands. There is no clipping, printing, or downloading of coupons, as discounts are preloaded on the program each week.

  • When did the Healthy Savings Program begin?

    Healthy Savings launched on 9/1/2019, statewide to all Optima Family Care (Medallion 4) members.

  • How does Healthy Savings work?

    Members will receive a Healthy Savings card to their home address. To get started:

    • Visit or download the Healthy Savings mobile app to register your card, find your nearest store and view weekly offers.
    • Shop at participating stores.
    • Scan your barcode at checkout and save instantly.
    • You automatically have access to all available offers by simply scanning your card or mobile app at any participating store. Additionally, your card is pre-loaded, so you do not need to add offers to your card.
  • What items are available to save on the program?

    Only the healthiest half of food items in a typical grocery store qualify such as milk, whole–grain bread, lean meats, yogurt, produce and more. The Healthy Savings website and mobile app are updated every Sunday with that week’s discounts.

    All promoted food items are scored by the nationally renowned Guiding Stars® nutrition guidance system, which rates the nutritional density of food using information from the nutrition facts label and the ingredients list.

Having Trouble Logging In?

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  • I received my card, but how do I register my online account?

    Your Healthy Savings card is active and ready to use. To register, go to and click Register, or download the Healthy Savings mobile app from the App Store® or Google PlayTM to get the most of the program.

  • How often will new offers be available?

    New offers are available every Sunday, so check the Healthy Savings website often to see all the latest offers and possible savings.

  • Do offers expire?

    Yes, most offers are available for two weeks. Expiration dates appear on each offer summary.

  • Are all of the discounted products available at every participating store location?

    While most products are widely available, some may not be available at all stores.

  • How do I know if I have used an offer?

    Offers are removed automatically from the Benefits page after use. The Benefits page only displays currently available offers and excludes those that are expired or used.

  • What are Grab It Offers?

    Grab It offers are limited–time, high–value offers that are available to eligible Healthy Savings members. Once you claim an offer, it must be used within the time indicated.

  • What are Produce Perks?

    Any Healthy Savings offer with a Produce Perks symbol means that you save twice on that purchase. (1) With the discount on the purchased item, PLUS (2) an additional 25% of the discount amount for savings on purchases of fresh produce.

    Produce Perks are immediately added to your account when you redeem participating promotions. Look for promotions with this symbol on the Benefits page!

My Healthy Savings Card

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  • What do I do if my card is lost or damaged?

    Go to to request a new card. Locate the Request a Replacement Card button under your Lifetime Savings total on the My Account tab.

Shopping Experience

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  • Where can I use my Healthy Savings card?

    Participating grocers include Food Lion®, Kroger®, Giant®, Shoppers®, Harris Teeter®, and Martins® (*other retailers coming soon). To find participating stores near you, visit

  • What if I didn’t get my savings?

    You may not have received savings for the following reasons:

    • The product(s) you purchased did not meet the requirements of the promotion.
    • The offer is expired or redeemed.
    • You already received a store or coupon discount for the same product(s) and the store does not allow stacking discounts with Healthy Savings offers.
  • I have multiple program offers for the same product. Which one applies at checkout?

    The discount that provides the best consumer benefit will be applied.

  • How can I determine if an item qualifies for a discount?

    A product can be scanned to check whether it is part of a current offer by using the Healthy Savings product scanner located on the Scan tab of the mobile app. You can also check to see if the items are on the Offers page online.

  • I've received my discount, but the offer still appears to be available on the benefits page.

    It can take up to 1 hour to see updated information on the Healthy Savings website.

  • What if my discount amount doesn’t match the available savings total on the homepage?

    Because of coupon stacking, varying item prices between stores and other store–specific promotions your savings amount will not always exactly match the Available Savings total calculated on the homepage. You can compare the savings on your receipt and your Purchase History on My Account to offer specific information.

  • Do I need to pay sales tax on my Healthy Savings purchases?

    Yes. Sales tax is not covered by Healthy Savings discounts and must be paid at the time of purchase.

  • Can I use my Healthy Savings card at self–checkout?

    Not all retailers can process Healthy Savings cards at self–checkout kiosks. To ensure successful use of your Healthy Savings card, please use a cashier–assisted lane.

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