The Dish on Plant&nbasp;Based Diets

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Typically, not as much red meat. The reason that flexible is in quotations is because it can be a typical it's a little bit of a I don't want to say controversy. That's the first word that comes to mind.

The reason that it's in quotations is because it can be open to interpretation. So someone might say oh, yeah, I'm flexible because I only eat meat three days a week. Someone else might say I'm flexible, because I only eat meat one day a week.

So, since it's not as well defined, that's why it's in the, in the quotations. The next time that you might see is, which means again, they're having animal products such as dairy foods and eggs.

But the only meat sources that they're getting in terms of protein sources, aside from plant proteins is gonna be from efficiency food. So there's no meat. There's no poultry nothing with hooves and nothing with feathers.

So let's talk about the opposite, so again, if you're having a plant based diet, you tend to have less animal products, less processed food in your overall diet, and you're gonna have a reduction in things like, saturated fat that that is found that is solid at room temperature so think of things like butter cheese, whole milk, things like that.

And those are full fat. Dairy products is a popular place where they're found other things, coconut oil called oil, ready to eat meals. Right?

If you go to get some Kraft macaroni and cheese, and you squeeze out the cheese sauce for a higher amount of saturated fat in it.

And then you would also see things like Turkey or chicken or other types of foods saturated fats, have the same number of calories, and other types of fat but they tend to contribute more to weight gain. If you're eating in excess.

Food was sugar in it regardless of the type of sugar your body does.

Green Green would be an easy one to remember whenever to add those into your diet. Add vegetables into your recipe.

If you're missing spaghetti for your dinner, throw some mushrooms in there for some spinach and there are some black beans in there beef it up with plant. Based.

Hello everyone can you hear me? Yes, we can hear you. Thanks Gary. Okay. Cool. Okay. Alright. But basically, most of those chips Mac foods.

The show substitutes because it does not raise blood sugars. So it is safer for a diabetic to use the sugar substitute of any type, whatever, their personal preferences then them consuming refined sugars because it will end up raising blood sugars, causing complications, causing high a

C, my husband is a newly diagnosed diabetic. My daughter is all anti artificial and she hates that. He drinks a diet soda.