Healthy Eating and Weight Management

Eating for Life

“Eating for Life" gives you the knowledge and skills to eat the right amount and right variety of foods to promote good health.

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Eating for Life helps you evaluate your current eating and exercise habits and design a program to improve them. The Eating for Life program includes information on calories, fat, salt and sugar, physical activity, and specific nutrition recommendations for children and seniors.

Keeping Your Child at a Healthy Weight

Parents' Tips

Tip: If a weight loss program is necessary, involve the whole family in healthy habits so your child doesn't feel singled out.

To help your child maintain a healthy weight, balance the calories your child gets from foods and beverages with the calories your child burns through physical activity and normal growth.You can encourage healthy eating by serving healthy options – offer more fruits and vegetables and fewer sodas and high-calorie, high-fat snack foods. Physical activity can also help your child overcome obesity or being overweight. Kids need about 60 minutes each day.

Helpful Links

For Kids Only

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Use this interactive tool calculates your body mass index, which will help you to determine if you’re overweight. If you are, this tool will help you to take positive action.

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