Eating For Life Program

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Healthy eating for children.

Lifelong habits are started during childhood; so you want to make sure kids get a healthy start!

Encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables every day, especially dark green, red and orange vegetables.

Offer children drinks without added sugars, like water or milk.

Avoid sugary drinks like soda and energy drinks.

Children who are overweight have an increased risk of being an overweight adult and developing chronic disease later in life.

Some suggestions on healthy eating habits include:

  • Set a good example in what you choose to eat.
  • Offer your child a variety of foods.
  • Start by offering small portions of foods.
  • Help them know when they’ve had enough.
  • Make mealtime a family time.
  • Offer new foods for your child to try.
  • And make food fun

Another important aspect of great health is limiting time spent in sedentary behaviors like electronic screen time, TV and video games. It’s recommended children and adolescents ages 6 years and older spend at least 60 minutes or more every day doing some type of physical activity like walking, cycling and playing ball.

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