Emergency Travel Assistance

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Optima Health offers a value-added service called Emergency Travel Assistance. These fully paid, global-emergency medical and travel services are provided by Assist America and available to most Optima Health members*.

Emergency Travel Assistance services include:

  • Medical consultation, evaluation, and referral;
  • Prescription assistance;
  • Hospital admission assistance;
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Compassionate visit;
  • Care for minor children;
  • Emergency trauma counseling;
  • Legal and interpreter referrals;
  • Return of mortal remains;
  • And more.

With the Emergency Travel Assistance Program, Optima Health members will be protected by a powerful array of resources whenever they travel 100 miles or more from home. The first 90 consecutive days of any trip are included in this coverage. If your travel plans exceed 90 days, you can call Assist America prior to the beginning of your trip and purchase Expatriate Coverage, which will prolong your coverage for longer trips.

Assist America pays for all of the assistance services it provides with no caps, limits, or charge-backs to anyone and with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, adventure sports, geographic risk, or alcohol-related incidents.

Examples of how Emergency Travel Assistance can help you:

  • You are on vacation with your family at the Grand Canyon and your child develops a cough. You call Assist America and they are able to find a nearby urgent care center. The doctors diagnose your child with croup, prescribe steroids, and recommend some rest.; After two days, your child feels better and you are all able to enjoy the remainder of your vacation.
  • You are on a work assignment in Chile. You begin to experience acute abdominal pain. Unfamiliar with the area hospitals, you call Assist America for help. The medical coordinators refer you to the nearest hospital and call ahead to let them know you are on your way. You are admitted and tests reveal a chronic inflammation that requires intravenous antibiotics to treat. The medical coordinators continue to monitor your treatment and progress. You are discharged, but need to return home to fully recover. Assist America arranges and pays for you to return home to Virginia with a medical escort on a business-class flight.
  • Your son is attending college abroad in Japan. While attending the fireworks extravaganza at Okinawa’s Emerald Beach Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival, he falls from a concrete wall he was sitting on to watch the festivities and lands on the pavement. He is rushed to the emergency room and a school administrator calls Assist America. Assist America confers with your son’s treating doctors and learns he has fractured both ankles and his right wrist. He undergoes surgery to have pins placed in his fractured ankles and his wrist reset. Post-op, he is outfitted with three soft casts and given intravenous antibiotics and pain medication. After a week of hospitalization, your son is discharged.; He needs considerable rehabilitation and physical therapy, so you and he decide to have him come home. The travel home with three healing fractures is a considerable challenge, so Assist America arranges and pays for your son to fly home first class on a commercial flight, attended by two medical escorts. Your son receives wheelchair assistance at all airports.

Optima Health lives its mission to “Improve Health Every Day” and we are pleased to offer this program to our members. All eligible subscribers receive their Emergency Travel Assistance ID card with their regular medical ID card when they enroll in the health plan. You can also print a flyer and replacement card here.

* The Emergency Travel Assistance Program is included in the Optima Health fully-insured commercial product. Employer groups purchasing insurance on a self-funded basis have the option of purchasing these services or not. If you have questions about whether your benefits include the Emergency Travel Assistance Program, call Optima Health member services at the phone number on the back of your member ID card or speak to your employer’s Benefits Administrator.

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