Treatment Cost Calculator

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Do you consider yourself a smart shopper? Like most Americans today, when it comes to spending your hard-earned money You're more than likely doing your homework, checking out your options, comparing prices and making more informed choices.

Cost matters more than ever Wouldn't it be nice if you had that same knowledge about your healthcare costs?

What if you had a way to find out what the approximate cost of your next healthcare need will be And you can estimate your out-of-pocket costs before you choose where to go.

Well, now you can. Optima Health has a new and powerful tool called the Treatment Cost Calculator Which will change the way you look at your healthcare spending so you have a chance to make more informed healthcare decisions.

The treatment cost calculator linked to your Optima Health member account lets you compare prices between providers for over 300 procedures and services in your region for yourself and the family members under your plan.

So if you have a healthcare need that is not an emergency, you now have the ability to shop for the service location and provider that fits your individual requirements.

And with the growing popularity of high deductible plans requiring members to spend more out-of-pocket dollars, cost transparency is becoming a real necessity.

The fptima health treatment cost calculator puts you, the member in the driver’s seat giving you more control to decide what works best for your health, and your budget.

Meet Paul, who needs a CT scan to see what's going on with his chronic knee pain with just a few quick clicks on the Optima Health Treatment Cost Calculator, he has access to his estimated out-of-pocket procedure costs and can compare prices between providers in his area.

He can even see the remaining balances for his deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

And should the doctor tell him he needs surgery, he can get an estimate of those out-of-pocket estimates as well.

Patients like you and Paul deserve the ability to shop and compare the costs of what they buy.

Members, simply log on to and start taking control of your health costs today.