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Optima Health is pleased to offer an upgraded Provider Search Tool that features easy-to-use search functionality so that you can find providers and facilities that match your plan benefits.

In this video, we will give you an overview of the search functions, search results and search profiles associated with this new feature.

Let’s get started. To get to the new Provider Search Tool, select “Find Doctors, Drugs, and Facilities” from the Optima Health homepage. Next, click on “Find Doctors and Facilities.”

This will take you to the Provider Search Tool.

Sign in to your member portal at the bottom of the page to automatically link to your plan and location. If you choose not to sign in, you can continue with the prompts. If you choose to sign in, you will not have to enter your plan and location. It will already be connected to your account. Select “Choose a location and plan.” You can enter an address, city or ZIP code, or select “Use my current location.” If that’s the correct place, click on “Yes, this is correct.”

From there, select your plan. This will be on the front of your card. If you don’t have your card, you can click on “Browse a list of plans” to find yours.

If you are a member of an Employer-provided plan, type in the plan name located in the upper left hand side of your card. If you are not sure, enter in the type of plan that you have chosen. For example, type in “HMO.” You will see a dropdown list of options. Choose your plan name from the list. Click on “Confirm selection.”

If you have a Medicaid plan, type “Medicaid.” You can choose from Optima Family Care slash FAMIS, or Optima Health Community Care. Click on “Confirm Selection.”

If you cannot find your plan or have not yet selected a plan with Optima Health, scroll to the bottom of the plan list and choose “I don’t know.” Click on “Confirm selection."

Please note that if you use All Plans to find doctors or places you may not get the best results. Providers listed may not be in your specific plan.

From here, you can choose your doctor by name or specialty. You can also search places like pharmacies, urgent care, or hospitals, by name or by type. Scroll down the page to see specialized searches and information.

To find a Primary Care Physician or Specialist, click on “Doctors by specialty.”

In the Search box, you can type in the specialty or the type of problem you are experiencing. The search bar will provide you with some suggestions to match your needs. Click on the appropriate option, and you will see your search results. If you would like to change your search, please see the navigation in the blue bar. You can click on “Doctors by specialty” to redo your search or “Dashboard” to return to the first page of the Search tool.

Once you have finalized your search for a provider, your search results page will provide you with details about the provider, practice name, address, phone number and more.

Depending on your plan type, you may see a box labeled “S-Q-C-N.” That means the provider is a part of the Sentara Quality Care Network- or “Sequin” for short. These providers work together as a team to manage the quality and coordination of their patients’ care. “Sequin” aims to improve wellness, prevent disease, and professionally coordinate care for patients with chronic disease or complex medical conditions.

A helpful map will provide you with the entire list of results in proximity to your chosen location.

At the top of the page, you can sort your search results by best match, distance to your location, alphabetical order or even quality recognitions.

On the left side, you can also refine your results based on geographic area, language spoken, whether the provider is accepting new patients and other qualifications.

To find Sequin providers, look for the Sequin icon on each provider’s listing or filter on the navigation on the left side under the “Recognitions” category.

IF you would like to print out these search results, you can create a pdf directory. Click “Create Directory."

Click on “SQCN” in the Recognitions category. You can sort the listings before printing. Select all or deselect physicians you do not want to include and click “Next.” If you would like a professional cover for your pdf, you can customize that here, then click “Next” to continue. You will see a printable version of your directory. Enter your email address and click “Send.” The pdf will be sent to your email address. Click “I’m done” to return to your Search Results page.

To get more information about a provider, click on the provider name. The provider profile page includes location and contact information as well as a list of the Optima Health plans accepted. You can find detailed information such as language spoken, gender, board certification, admitting privileges, education and explanations regarding special awards or recognition.

To search for something else- like a provider by name, or a place by name or type- just click the word “dashboard” in the blue bar. All types of searches function the same way.

After you have found what you need, click “menu” on the top right and then select “return to Optima Health” to close the search tool.

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