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Optima Health offers creative health solutions to help you take charge and get the most out of your health plan and life.

Our revolutionary programs, designed with clinical experts, show you how to get started, stay motivated and exceed your health improvement goals.

If you are interested in any of the programs or materials described on this page, or any aspects of the My Health, My Wealth program, please call your Wellness Specialist at 757-460-7301 or

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“Get Off Your Butt” Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States.

When you stop smoking, you lengthen your life. It is always the right time to stop.
"Get Off Your Butt: Stay Smokeless For Life" is a free program designed for first-time quitters or those who have attempted to quit using tobacco products.

A CD and workbook is provided for individuals wanting a self-paced program in the comforts of their home. Program participants learn about the nature of nicotine addiction and effective ways to control the dependency/addiction. Participants receive ongoing support and encouragement, including phone consultations. To request these materials, visit

Audio - Get Off Your Butt: Stay Smokeless for Life Audio program

Healthy Heart Yoga DVDs

These free DVDs will help viewers strengthen their bodies, relax mentally and physically manage stress reactions. You can download and view these DVDs online or request your free copy by visiting

Free Healthy Heart Yoga DVD

This free DVD is intended for those capable of moderate physical activity and is designed to help participants maintain their cardiovascular health.

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Free Healthy Heart Chair Yoga DVD

This free DVD is intended for people who need stretching and strengthening exercises yet have difficulty getting up and down from the floor.

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Free Tai Chi DVD

Regular practice of the 18 movements of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi teaches your body to mentally and physically relax. The movements enhance your blood flow, release muscle tension, improve your balance and help you maintain a high quality of life.

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Guided Meditation CDs

The music and words invite you to an experience a 20-minute retreat from everyday stressors. Give yourself the gift of peace, calm and tranquility.

You can download and listen to these CDs online or request your free copy by visiting

Guided Rainbow Meditation: A Journey Toward Health


Guided Meditation: A Journey Toward Health


Eating for Life

"Eating for Life" gives you the knowledge and skills to eat the right amount and right variety of foods to promote good health.

Visit to request a personal copy of the "Eating for Life" program.

Eating for Life helps you evaluate your current eating and exercise habits and design a program to improve them. The Eating for Life program includes information on calories, fat, salt and sugar, physical activity, and specific nutrition recommendations for children and seniors.

WalkAbout with Healthy Edge

Health and Preventive Services is pleased to offer the WalkAbout with Healthy Edge program. This walking program encourages participants to start moving to get healthy and stay healthy.

WalkAbout program participants count their total number of steps in a day using a wearable device and record the total number of steps in a log book. The goal is to increase the number of steps to 10,000 steps per day, or more, depending on their current activity level.

For more information about the WalkAbout program, please visit

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