Why Optima Health

Exceptional Local Service

Optima Health offers user-friendly customer service, claims processing and problem solving... right here in Virginia. You can expect personal service from enrollment to member services to renewal. We provide fast and accurate claim payments, so you spend less time following up on claim issues.

MyLife MyPlan with WebMD

Optima Health offers creative health solutions to help you take charge and get the most out of your health plan and life-introducting MyLife MyPlan.

Our revolutionary programs, designed with clinical experts, show you how to get started, stay motivated and exceed your health improvement goals.

Sign in to "MyOptima" and then click "Personal Health Assessment".

Sign in to "MyOptima"

MDLIVE Virtual Office Visit

24/7/365 video or phone access to board-certified physicians.

Supporting Good Health

We offer programs to support members with chronic illnesses, customized wellness programs, and integrated clinical and behavioral health services—all to help members improve their health. Wherever we serve our members, Optima Health stands out through our passion for health and service excellence.

Provider Rating

Our committed high-quality networks include the Optima Health statewide networks, PHCS®, MDLIVE®, and American Specialty Health®. The percentage of providers with a favorable impression of Optima Health is 96%1. Our providers continually rank us high for service, consistently outranking other health plans. Our voluntary turnover rate is less than 1%2.

Transparency Tool

Providing localized, out-of-pocket cost estimates for over 300 procedures and services. This feature is available for members and is accessible through the "MyOptima" sign in.

1 Optima Customer Service Monthly Report Card, April 2015
2 Statewide Voluntary Network Turnover Worksheet, May 2015