Incentive Programs for Chronic Conditions

The Optima Health plan for COVA and TLC members includes an Incentive Program for members with one or more of the following chronic conditions: Asthma/COPD, Diabetes or Hypertension. Incentive program benefits include a waived deductible and/or waived copayments on certain medications for your condition.

Members are allowed to enroll prior to the plan year (July 1 for COVA members and July 1 or October 1 for TLC members). If you are currently enrolled in the Incentive Program, you must take action to re-enroll for each new plan year. Mid-year enrollments in the incentive plan are allowed for new hires or those with a new diagnosis of one of these conditions. 

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Timeline for Enrollment

Plan Year Enroll in Program
July 1 - June 30 May 1 - June 10
October 1 - September 30 August 1 - September 10