New Member, Get Started

Not sure where to start with your new Optima Health Plan? Once you have enrolled you can:

See if you are eligible for a reduction in deductible, you must have one of the following chronic conditions, Asthma/COPD, Diabetes, or Hypertension, and submit the completed Transition of Care Assessment; by June 26th. Learn more about the Transition of Care Incentive.

  1. Register
    1. Activate your Account starting July 1, 2019

      Activate your online account to access your plan tools and benefit information.

    2. Choose your Primary Care Physician
      Sign in to change or select your Primary Care Physician from within your plan network.
    3. Activate MDLIVE
      Talk to a network certified doctor from the comfort of your home or when traveling out of state.
  2. Manage
    1. Reduce mailbox clutter
      Opt-in to receive your Explanation of Benefits and other plan information by email.
    2. Out of Area Dependent Form
      If you have a dependent that is living outside the Optima Health service area, then you should submit a completed Out of Area dependent form in order for them to utilize the PHCS national network.
    3. Treatment Cost Calculator
      Save money by shopping and comparing out-of-pocket expenses for over 500 common medical procedures and services including X-rays, advanced imaging, outpatient surgery, office visits, labs, immunizations and inpatient admissions.
  3. Discover
    1. Access your Member ID Card
      Waiting for your member ID card or do you need a replacement card? Print a temporary card, order a new one, or access it on the go.
    2. Receive Wellness Discounts1
      Get a good deal – take advantage of discounts available to you through Optima Health.
  4. Engage
    1. Download the App
      Download the Optima Health app to access all of your online services on the go.

1Value-added services; not a covered benefit.