I3 Online Employer Reporting Tool - Pharmacy Dashboard

I3 Online Employer Reporting Tool - Pharmacy Dashboard

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Topic: Details on the robust Pharmacy Dashboard

With pharmacy claims being a significant part of medical expenses … it is vital to understand and track pharmacy utilization. I3 includes a robust Pharmacy Dashboard with significant detail on utilization and trends.

To access details on your group's pharmacy claims ... start at the I3 Dashboard. All of the information we cover is also accessible on the Splash Page, by clicking on "Pharmacy".

Move to the PMPM Medical Utilization Summary section … and click the gold “Pharmacy” button below the bar graph.

The Pharmacy Dashboard automatically passes the employer and date range selections you made on the main Dashboard page.

The Pharmacy Dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your group’s pharmacy claims. Each one of the gold “details” buttons on the dashboard … when clicked ... displays a detailed report of the Dashboard graph.

The Utilization Analysis has current and previous utilization information on pharmacy prescriptions, average cost and compares the previous time period with benchmarks. You can also see brand versus generic prescription costs.

There is information on member and health plan cost … as well as specialty versus traditional drug costs. The gold “details” buttons provide access to detailed information behind these graphs. The Top 10 Therapeutic Classes are ranked by percent of claims cost. This section also provides detailed information for amount paid, percent costs and class description.

Information on prescription cost and percentage by tier are displayed... As well as yearly trends for generic and brand prescriptions.

We hope you found this video helpful. If you should have additional questions about the I3 tool, please refer to the User Guide or contact your Optima Health Representative.

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