Introduction - I3 Online Employer Reporting Tool

I3 Online Employer Reporting Tool - Introduction

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Topic: I3 Online Employer Reporting Tool

Optima Health is happy to share I3: Your online employer reporting tool.

  • I3 can Inform you with easy-to-read reports … which you can use to
  • Impact your organization healthcare cost … and measure
  • Improved results with meaningful analytics.

The Splash Screen is your entry into I3 where you can select and run reports. We will illustrate what is available through the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is the perfect starting point to look at all your data, both financial and clinical.

On the Dashboard ... go to the drop-down boxes labeled Employer, Group, Product, and Classification. They all have default settings ... but you are free to change these settings. The timeframe defaults to a three month period, however, you can change this as well. After you select your dates … click "run" to populate the dashboard with your organization's information.

All the filters you selected display at the top of the Dashboard. Now, we will briefly review each section.

First, let's look at the summary chart. This chart shows a summary of your current and previous claims data. You can easily see where your claims have changed over the previous period… including areas that you may want to focus on. You can also see discounts passed on to you through Optima Health contracts.

The Medical Utilization Summary shows current and previous per member per month cost by utilization categories, such as professional medical services, inpatient, pharmaceutical, and others. Mouse-over the bars for actual figures. For details behind the graph simply click the "Details" button in the upper right corner of the graph.

The Details Chart shows all the data behind the graph. This data can be exported to PDF, Excel, CSV or text files ... with the click of a button.

The chart, exported into an Excel file and can be modified or saved.

Additional reports can be found by medical utilization category. Click on the label below the bar graph.

The pharmacy button pulls up the entire Pharmacy Dashboard. The Dashboard displays comprehensive information on pharmacy utilization. To go back to the main Dashboard … simply click on the "back" button.

Back at the main Dashboard … you can also get additional detail on member demographics, clinical data, and high-cost claims detail.

Click on the "Details" button and get additional data behind the graphs.

This report shows details on the group’s high claims. The default threshold is $100,000 per member. Self-Funded groups can change the threshold to $25,000, $50,000 or $75,000. Other detail includes the percentage of total claims paid, number of members with high claims and percentage of total members.

We have reviewed only a few of the highlights of this tool through the Dashboard. There is much more detail and information available with these tools located within the User Guide.

The new I3 reporting solution will give you a suite of reliable, employer health plan reports. Plus enhanced features like 1) A standard set of easy-to-read reports, 2) Compelling graphics that show how your healthcare dollars are being spent, and 3) the ability to customize your data filters that you can run anytime.

I3 … built to Inform, Impact and Improve.