I3 Online Employer Reporting Tool

Increased savings on group healthcare starts with measurable data. Optima Health, in its ongoing commitment to reaching new levels of transparency, is pleased to offer I3. The new online dashboard was developed with three key goals in mind:

  • To INFORM you with timely, easy-to-access tools and reports about your organization’s healthcare activity.
  • To positively IMPACT your organization’s healthcare cost, by providing the data to efficiently manage your employee benefit plan.
  • To IMPROVE the health of your organization, both physically and fiscally, with results backed by meaningful analytics.

Inform. Impact. Improve.

Take your organization into the next chapter of efficient, fiscally responsible healthcare solutions with I3 and Optima Health.

Informational Videos

The I3 Online Reporting Tool is currently for use by fully insured and self-funded large group employers with 100 or more employees.

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