More Ways Brokers and Employer Groups Win with Optima Health

Lock in for an 18-month rate guarantee with BusinessEDGE elite!

  • BusinessEDGE elite plans are available to groups with 10-50 subscribers enrolled.
  • If you move or write a BusinessEDGE elite group to a third-quarter 2019 effective date, then both you and your group can rest easy until renewal in the first quarter of 2021.

Timelines to consider when implementing a BusinessEDGE elite product:

Deadline from Effective Date Deadline from Effective Date
90 days Earliest date to request a quote
40 days Latest date to request a quote
30 days Latest date to release a quote
15th of the month prior All enrollment materials due

Don't forget! Fully insured groups on calendar-year contracts that want to move off of their fourth quarter renewal early can submit maximum out-of-pocket and deductible credit for the new effective date.

Contact your sales representative today to learn more about BusinessEDGE elite and all the ways Optima Health is easy to do business with!