Marketing Campaign to Support BusinessEDGE® Plans

Beginning in June, we are launching a strategic marketing campaign to increase awareness of our BusinessEDGE® product offerings.

Our campaign targets current, new and former business prospects with 10–150 enrolled employees, with concentrated digital advertising throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and within the Optima Health service area. As always, we value our broker partners and fully expect our efforts will have a positive impact on your business in the form of new leads and opportunities. Our messaging encourages customers to contact their brokers.

Don’t forget — you can earn Broker Rewards points1 for all new sales!

Your customers may ask you about ads and other marketing campaign materials they see. This means our efforts are working! Please explain it’s part of a collaborative effort and provide follow up.

Please visit the BusinessEDGE section of this website for information, an educational video, and FAQs — everything you’ll need to close the sale.

We will keep you informed of our progress and invite you to ask questions and provide feedback on our initiative. We look forward to sharing future success together!

1 You must opt-in to Broker Rewards program and provide a SF–W9. Sign–in required.