​Introducing the Optima Health Oncology Program

Groups with effective dates January 1, 2020 and after have been included in the Optima Health Oncology Program. The program is administered by AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) on behalf of Optima Health and it applies to BusinessEDGE®, all fully insured groups and select self-funded Large Group plan members.

Providers of radiation or medical oncology services are required to contact AIM for pre-authorization for all cancer treatment and supportive drugs. Please note, radiation oncology performed as part of an inpatient admission is not included in this program.      
AIM works with employer groups, insurers, and payers to improve health care quality and manage costs for today’s most complex and prevalent tests and treatments, helping to promote care that is appropriate, safe, and affordable. If you have any questions about the Optima Health Oncology Program or need more information about which groups are included, please contact your Sales representative.

Your Optima Health Team