Important Individual Product Updates

Please see this important update about Medical Loss Ratio Rebates and the American Rescue Plan Act.

Medical Loss Ratio Rebates

Optima Health is issuing an additional rebate check to current and former subscribers who had health insurance coverage by an OptimaFit® Individual & Family Plan at some point during the 2018 calendar year and paid premium (or premium was paid on their behalf). This is due to the change in the court ruling regarding Risk Corridor payouts.

Subscribers will receive checks by U.S. Mail in May.

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American Rescue Plan Act—Deductible and Max Out-of-Pocket Accumulators

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act and the Special Enrollment Period by Executive Order, many individuals now have the opportunity to get more affordable health insurance coverage.

To help our current members take advantage of the new initiatives, Optima Health will allow any amounts already paid in 2021 toward the deductible and maximum out-of-pocket of their current plan to carry over should they decide to switch to another OptimaFit® plan. This includes:

  • ON–Exchange members changing to another ON–Exchange plan
  • OFF–Exchange members changing to an ON-Exchange plan, including members enrolled in one of our unique OFF–Exchange plans

This offer applies only during the Special Enrollment Period, which ends August 15, 2021.

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If you have any questions, please contact your Optima Health representative.