Christmas in July

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing?

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing? How about those moneybags jingling? Well, listen close… The Optima Health Christmas in July program is here to help you move ACA-sized groups (2-50) that are currently with another carrier and renewing in the fourth quarter, to an ACA Optima Health group for July, August, or September effective dates. Free up more time to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Optima Health will give group members deductible and maximum out-of-pocket credit on a calendar year accumulation.

Optima Health will pay you a one-time incentive of $25 per contract when a minimum of 50 ACA contracts is moved from a fourth-quarter effective date with another carrier to an Optima Health ACA plan(s) for a July, August, or September effective date. (Contract totals will be calculated on an individual agent basis, not agency.)

As an added incentive Optima Health will give the broker with the most contracts moved a trip to the destination of their choice (a $2,500 value)!

To make this even easier, Optima Health will now allow two plan options on 2-4 contract-sized groups beginning with June 1, 2017, effective dates.

Get in the holiday spirit! Help your groups and help yourself by moving your fourth quarter business early to Optima Health.