BusinessEDGE® and BusinessEDGE elite TM

BusinessEDGE® (10-150 enrolled) and BusinessEDGE elite (10-50 enrolled) are now available to quote for the fourth quarter of 2019. Don’t wait too long to get great rates for your groups.

At Optima Health, we understand that some of you may enjoy being extra busy at the end of the year selling and renewing those fourth-quarter small groups. But for those of you who don’t, make this the year to move those groups off the fourth-quarter cycle and obtain rates that are good for 18 months!

Remember BusinessEDGE elite? This is the perfect time of year to move those groups off the fourth-quarter cycle! BusinessEDGE elite offers your 10-50 enrolled size groups a rate for 18 months1. You can start quoting this product now.

Lastly — there is an easy way to earn bonus dollars with any BusinessEDGE and/or BusinessEDGE elite groups sold during the third and fourth quarters of 2019, in addition to your commission2. Sign-in to eBroker3 for information on Small Group and Mid-Market Group bonuses. Your new BusinessEDGE and/or BusinessEDGE elite cases fall under the appropriate segment.

1 One 12-month and one six-month contract with locked-in rates for the entire 18 months effective from date of signing. 
2 The per contract per month (PCPM) commission amount is flexible on BusinessEDGE and BusinessEDGE elite cases if Agent shares requested amount up front. Otherwise the standard commission (PCPM) will apply.
3 You need to sign in to eBroker to view this information.