1095 Documents for 2022 Tax Year

For the 2022 tax year, Optima Health will mail 1095-B tax form to all individuals covered by our fully insured health plans, including employer-sponsored and Individual & Family Plans sold off the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The deadline for individuals to receive their 1095 form is March 2, 2023 (extended from January 31, 2023). We will also report this information to the IRS by the electronic filing deadline of March 31, 2023. The paper filing deadline is February 28, 2023.

Self-Funded Groups

Large self-funded groups and BusinessEDGE® groups with 50 or more employees upon request: Optima Health will provide a data file that contains all the fields in Section III of the 1095-C for each employee and dependent covered by the group health plan for at least one day in 2022. The comma delimited text file will be available in January 2023 and can easily be imported into Excel, Access, SQL, or various other tools to develop the required 1095-C forms for employees and report the information to the IRS.

BusinessEDGE groups with few than 50 employees: BusinessEDGE employers can now access their 1095 data files directly by logging on to optimahealth.com. Using the Billing Statements link, you will be able to view and download.

Please contact your Optima Health representative if you have any questions.