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Automatic Bill Payment Options for Individual & Family Plan Members

Our automatic bill pay options give your Individual & Family Plan clients the freedom to customize how they pay their premium, to best suit their lifestyle and needs.

Group Coverage Eligibility for 1099 Employees

Optima Health is now offering more opportunities for individuals to enroll in group coverage.

New to BusinessEDGE Proposals

Our BusinessEDGE® product continues to grow, and we are excited to announce the following options available to assist you in working with clients interested in this self-funded design.

Small Group Plans for Self-Employed Individuals

Great News! We have received the clarification and guidance needed with regard to self-employed individuals.

MDLIVE Engage for Optima Health Subscribers

We are pleased to share that Optima Health and MDLIVE have launched a new member engagement campaign: MDLIVE Engage.

brokerNEWS 2nd Quarter 2018

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Optima Equity HSA and Design HRA Small Group Plans

We have recently updated the Summary of Benefits documents for our Optima Equity HSA and Design HRA Small Group Plans.

Updated February 2018: ACA Fees and Taxes for Fully Insured and Self-Funded Groups

Due to legislative changes, certain taxes related to the Affordable Care Act have been delayed.

2018 ACA Deductible/MOOP Credit

How many times have you thought, "This is crazy, almost all my small group business is on a December 1 cycle, which is also right in the middle of the busiest time of the year for all my OTHER business. I am working night and day (my staff too) just to keep up. How can I move some of this business to another time of the year so I can lighten my work load in November and December?"

brokerNEWS 1st Quarter 2018

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