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Optima Health is committed to improving health outcomes for our members, and being a trusted partner to our brokers. We offer extra value to our members, so that you can offer extra value to your clients. 

To learn more about the ways our plans provide extra value, and that can help you grow your book of business, read on.

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  • Gym Network 360 Discount Program

    Optima Health has partnered with GlobalFit to provide members with access to premier fitness, weight loss, and wellness brands at discounted prices. Gym Network 360 offers members great fitness brands at great prices, along with the education, resources, and tools to engage and motivate members to become more active and adopt healthier behaviors.

    How to Access Gym Network 360—Available Now!

    Look for the Gym Network 360 name on the Health and Wellness Discounts page at optimahealth.com/members. Members will be prompted to sign in (or first register for their free, secure MyOptima online account) for more information. After sign in, members may securely visit the Optima Health GlobalFit shopping platform to browse for services and activate their discount.

    Members can enjoy savings on top brands, including:

      • 24 Hour Fitness,
      • Anytime Fitness,
      • Curves,
      • Gold’s Gym,
      • LA Fitness,
      • CrossFit,
      • Group Fitness on Demand powered by Les Mills,
      • Zumba,
      • Nutrisystem,
      • Jenny Craig,
      • Diet-to-Go, and more!

    Learn more about the free health and wellness discounts we offer to members.

  • Free Wellness Programs Available On-Demand

    Some of our most popular Staying Healthy programs are now available on-demand (for immediate download) at optimahealth.com/mylifemyplan.

    Members can browse for and download the following programs in the Prevention and Wellness section of optimahealth.com/mylifemyplan:

    • Healthy Habits Healthy You
    • Get Off Your Butt: Stay Smokeless for Life
    • Eating for Life
    • Yoga and Meditation

    Sign in is not required to access these programs.

    Learn more about our prevention and wellness programs.

  • Travel with Peace of Mind, Thanks to Emergency Travel Assistance

    When planning our next trip, the last thing we want to think of is the risk of getting sick or injured and whether good medical care will be available at our destination. We bask in the sun on white-sand beaches, zipline in the jungle, ski in the mountains, camp in the woods, and explore new countries. The truth is that when getting away from it all, we are usually also away from quality healthcare.

    This is why we offer Emergency Travel Assistance Services, provided by our partner, Assist America. The Assist America program is designed to get you to the best possible care provider in the shortest possible time.

    As a general rule, remember that Assist America provides the following services:

    • medical referrals,
    • emergency medical evacuation,
    • hospital admission assistance,
    • medical monitoring,
    • medical or non-medical escorts,
    • compassionate visit,
    • care of minor children,
    • repatriation,
    • return of mortal remains,
    • prescription assistance,
    • lost luggage assistance,
    • language assistance,
    • return of vehicle,
    • legal referrals, and
    • pre-trip planning.

    The Emergency Travel Assistance Program is included in the Optima Health fully insured commercial product. Employer groups purchasing insurance on a self-funded basis have the option of purchasing these services or not.

    Learn more about our Emergency Travel Assistance program.

  • Optima EAP: Virtual Counseling

    Optima EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is committed to providing cost-effective, innovative, and flexible employee-assistance benefits to our customers and their employees (as well as any of their household members). In maintaining this commitment, we are excited to announce a new way to access EAP counseling.

    Last year, Optima Health began offering Virtual Counseling to our direct clients. Employees with Optima Health coverage (and any of their household members) now have the option and convenience of a virtual counseling session in place of a face-to-face visit. Virtual counseling sessions can be accessed by using a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.


    • Convenient. Arrange a location to speak with a counselor that is free from distractions and ensures personal privacy.
    • Exchangeable. The virtual counseling option provides the same number of sessions employees and their household members would receive if seeing a counselor in his or her office.
    • No cost. There is no cost to access EAP services with the virtual counseling option.
    • Confidential. The virtual counseling platform is encrypted and meets HIPAA regulations for the protection of employees’ personal health information.

    If your clients have an employee whose work problems are affecting home, or whose home problems are affecting work, you have a client whose business and employees can benefit from Optima EAP. To request a quote from Optima EAP for your clients, please contact Kathy Terribile at kmterrib@sentara.com or 434-923-8010.

    Learn more about Optima EAP

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